Summer High Performance Camp 2024

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Open to Youth athletes. We will find the right spot for you to compete, improve and get a ton faster. Our training plan and coaching helps rowers and coxswains get ready for their next step in the fall wherever that might be! We have shown the ability year after year in training rowers who make it to the highest level of our sport to those who are just beginning and everyone else in between. We teach you and help you motivate to become the best version you can be. Hosted in the Rowing Capital of the USA by one of the most successful clubs in the country in producing consistent top results on the water and sending kids to every top college and national team opportunities.

We will limit participation and require an application

Sarasota Crew High Performance camp includes intense on the water rowing (sweep) and sculling instruction. Land, weight and erg training and teaching also is part of the training plan. Squad meetings and presentations on topics such as nutrition, race preparation, mental health of rowing and film review. The main training portion of camp will be used to prepare for racing at the best summer racing opportunity that has been developed just for youth rowers! We developed Rowing Camps of America to provide you with even more than we have ever done before! We provide a selection process in an environment that is catering to development of each individual athlete (rower and coxswain). This combination of development is unlike any other in the country and provides rowers and coxswains with the best option around. Read the testimonials!

Camp Dates: June 24 - July 13 with some other shorter options also.

Top Coaching Staff: Sarasota Crew is led by Casey Galvanek who also has served as the Head Coach of the U19 National Team and coached the USA Lwt Women's 2x at the 2020 Olympics and to a Silver Medal at the 2022 World Championships. The camp manager is Rick Brown who has managed successful summer camps which half of the current men's senior national team participated in at some point as many of his camps were in the men's junior national team system. Rick is now developing athletes from all over the rowing world with this summer camp. We have full control of making it the best, fastest and only option you should choose to improve yourself as a rower and person. Rick has a proven record of hiring a great coaching staff each year that enjoy working with each other and provide athletes a top-notch experience.

Room & Board: We provide housing and meals for your entire time with us. The meals are a combo of meals supplied by caterers and we also will have an educational aspect to the camp where we have the rowers shop with a Registered Dietitian who is able to advice them on great options to use while training and racing. The RD will provide presentations outside of practice time to educate them how best to fuel themselves for high intensity training and racing. Athletes grocery shopped and cooked a few times with the RD in 2023!

To Be Accepted: Apply! Ergs will be taken into account but have personal experience to know there is much more to making a good rower than their current erg PR. We have seen hundreds of athletes drop many splits off their 2k's after beginning their training with us. Our goal is to help you improve your PR while becoming a better rower. We provide the right atmosphere with a training plan that works to give you a upper-hand on your competition. Please tell us about yourself as we will accept rowers by considering the whole picture and really want to see you personally improve. Coxswains? - submit the whole picture of yourself as well. If you have audio, that is always helpful! The better your resume, the more likely you will be to receive an invite but we also realize that our camp may be perfect to help develop some whose resume is not as strong yet!

College Recruiting: We have an active group of college coaches that will be visiting our camp to meet and get to know our rowers. This is in addition to having college coaches on staff in addition to coaches from some of the best junior programs in the country. Our race is quickly becoming known as the best college rowing showcase in the country (in the entire year)!

Non-Refundable Deposit: $1,000 - We will explain when this is due after you are accepted to the program. We also allow you to tell us about your limitations for making the decision in the application link. Total Program Cost with room and board - $5,198! This cost includes all room and board (housing and food) and some activities for the entire camp while you are with us.

Dates: June 24 - July 13 (some flexibility - if needed, please contact and ask!). We also have some other date options available.

Sarasota Crew

utilizes competitive rowing to promote strong character, high integrity, positive self-concept, contribution to community, and a healthful lifestyle for all youth and adults in the Sarasota county and its surrounding communities.


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