Middle School

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    • Grades: 6 through 8 - No experience necessary! 
    •  Practice Times: Each option includes practice on Saturday and YOU CHOOSE one day a week. M-F (again, you choose one) 4:30PM-6:45 PM (6:30 PM during Daylight Savings) plus Sat 8:30AM-11:30 AM. Location is 343 Palmetto Ave, Osprey
    • Two Options available for the main program:
      • Singles Program: Sculling (2 oars per rower) in singles, learn the skills of handling your own boat and the refined skills it takes to row a single. This program is offered Monday-Friday plus all get to sweep on Saturday also.
      •  8s Program: Sweep (1 oar per rower) in team boats, learn how to row in 8s and how to work together as a team. We offer this option as Tuesday or Thursday practice only plus you come on Saturday also and row in 8's there also.
    • Fall Season:  
      • Preseason - 5 weeks (10 practices) of sweep rowing primarily. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 4:30-6:45 pm. August 31, Sept 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30
      • Fall Session: October 4th - December 18th (No practice during Thanksgiving week). 10 weeks of rowing. December 18th will be an option to join in the Sarasota Crew Instrasquad race for a small additional fee.
    • Spring Season: January 17 - April 2 for the regular season. There will be an add-on option for those who want an extra 5 weeks in May. Spring season ends with a race in Tampa on April 2nd. The add-on will end with a race in Sarasota on the weekend of May 14-15.
    •  Program Fee: $550 for 2 days a week for a 10-week season. Saturday for everyone plus you choose a weekday.
    • Additional Days: Add an additional day for the season for $250 per additional day (we will add this option closer to the season once we see what days are available).
    • Spring Races: 
      February 19-20 - Sarasota (no practice on February 19 as all rowers have the option to sign up for this race).
      April 2 - Florida West District Championships in Tampa - No practice this day as this race option ends our regular season.
    • Spring Extension Program: 
      April 12 - May 15th.
      The extension is practice on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:30-6:45
      Program fee includes the race on May 14 & 15. This race is the USRowing Southeast Regional Championship. Race is at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota but has teams from all over the Southeast region that travel here for it.
  •  Bus: We do have a bus that comes from Pine View School! We also can help figure out carpools so please reach out to us if you need help. To sign up for the bus you simply register under the Join Us -Youth Rowing -Transportation tab.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Team Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Middle School Practice Schedule
All middle school rowers attend Saturday practice, the weekday you attend is your choice:
Monday: Singles program

Tuesday: Choose Singles or 8s program

Thursday: Choose Singles or 8s program

Friday: Singles program
8th Grade Athletes
8th-grade athletes interested in rowing on the Freshman Novice Team can start the Fall Session with the Freshman Novice squad. Athletes and Parents must have the understanding that this is a probationary period, and after a meeting in September with the Head Coach, Parents, and Rower, the most appropriate decision on placement will be made.