Crew Facts

Through the determination of our coaches, volunteers, families, and mentors, a healthy environment has been created to propel Sarasota Crew from a simple rowing organization to one that transforms the lives of everyone it touches.  Want proof? Below are just some of the facts of the impact we make on our members:


Over the past year, in addition to their hard work on the open water, our members achieved:

  • 100 percent graduation rate from 27 different schools
  • 98 percent of our graduates were accepted into college
  • 67% of our graduates were scholar-athletes receiving a 3.5 or higher GPA
  • Volunteered hundreds of hours to charitable causes like Save Our Bays, The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, Suncoast Communities Blood Bank, Teen Court, Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates
  • Participated in fundraisers to raise money for Salvation Army, Center for Building Hope, Make Strides for Breast Cancer, Historic Spanish Point and many more
  • Were environmental stewards for helping to clean up Sarasota Bay and surrounding waters
College Opportunities

Through the life skills, they have learned from their hard work on the water and off, Sarasota Crew members have been rewarded with recruitment and scholarships to top colleges and universities across the country.  Our 278 alumni rowers, have gone on to attend 81 different Colleges and/or Universities. 


State & National Honors / Awards

Florida State Champions - Team Overall
2017,2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Southeast District Champions - Team Overall
2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Head of the Charles Regatta 
2018 Men's Youth  8+ 2nd, Men's Youth 4+ 28th,
2018 Women's Youth 8+ 15th
2017 Men's Youth  8+ 5th, Men's Youth 4+ 11th,
2017 Women's Youth 8+ 19th
2016 Men's 8+ 5th, Men’s Youth 4+ 28th, Women’s 8+ 31st
2015 Men 8+ 10th, Men’s Youth 4+ 31st, Women’s 8+ 32nd,
2015 Women’s Youth 4+ 70th
2014 Men 4+ 1st, Women’s 8+ 18th, Women’s 4+ 18th
2013 Men 4+ 2nd, Women’s 8+ 5th, Women’s 4+ 18th
2012 Men 4+ 1st, Women’s 8+ 18th, 2012 Women’s 4+ 18th

US Youth National Championships
2017 Men's Youth 8+ 'A' 3rd, Women's Youth 4x 'B' 2nd, Men's Youth 2- 'C' 5th, Women's Lightweight Youth 8+ 'C' 2nd,
2017 Men's Youth 4+ 'C' 3rd, Men;s Lightweight Youth 8+ 'C' 5th,  Men's Lightweight Youth 4+ 'D' 1st
2016 Men’s Youth 8+ 'A' 3rd, Women’s Lightweight 8+ 4th
2015 Men’s Youth 8+ 'B' 1st, Women’s Youth 8+ 'B' 4th, Women’s Ltwt 8+ 'C' 2nd
2014 Men’s Varsity Eight 3rd, Women’s Varsity Eight 3rd, Men’s Lightweight Eight 5th, Women’s Lightweight Eight 6th
2013 Men’s Varsity Eight 1st, Women’s Varsity Eight 7th, Men’s Lightweight Eight 6th, Women’s Lightweight Eight 15th
2012 Men’s Varsity Eight 2nd, Women’s Varsity Eight 12th, Men’s Lightweight Eight 4th, Women’s Lightweight Eight 12th
2011 Men’s Varsity Eight 4th, Women’s Varsity Eight 16th, Men’s Lightweight Eight 18th, Men’s 2-9th

World Championships
2017 Under 19 Men's Single Scull - 1st (Coached by Casey Galvanek)
2017 Under 19 Men's Eight - 2nd (Coxed by Sarasota Crew rower)
2016 Under 19 Men's Quad - 3rd (Three Sarasota Crew Rowers, coached by Casey Galvanek)
2016 Under 19 Men's Eight - 2nd (One Sarasota Crew rower)
2016 Under 19 Women's Eight - 5th (One Sarasota Crew rower)
2016 Senior Women's Lightweight Quad - 5th (One Sarasota Crew rower)
2015 Under 19 Men's Quad - 15th (One Sarasota Crew Rower)
2015 Under 19 Men's Eight - 2nd (coached by Casey Galvanek)
2014 Under 23 Women’s Lightweight Double - 5th (Two Sarasota Crew Rowers)
2014 Under 19 Men’s Eight - 9th (Two Sarasota Crew Rowers)
2014 Under 19 Men’s Quad - 10th (Two Sarasota Crew Rowers)