Middle School

Who / When / What

  • Grades: 6 through 8 - No experience necessary! 
  •  Practice Times: Each option includes practice on Saturday and YOU CHOOSE one day a week. M-F (again, you choose one) 4:30PM-6:45 PM (6:30 PM during Daylight Savings) plus Sat 8:30AM-11:30 AM. Location is 343 Palmetto Ave, Osprey
  • Two Options available for the main program:
    • Singles Program: Sculling (2 oars per rower) in singles, learn the skills of handling your own boat and the refined skills it takes to row a single. This program is offered Monday-Friday plus all get to sweep on Saturday also.
    •  8s Program: Sweep (1 oar per rower) in team boats, learn how to row in 8s and how to work together as a team. We offer this option as Tuesday or Thursday practice only plus you come on Saturday also and row in 8's there also.
  • Fall Season:  
    • Preseason - 5 weeks (10 practices) of sweep rowing primarily. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 4:30-6:45 pm. August 31, Sept 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30
    • Fall Session: October 4th - December 18th (No practice during Thanksgiving week). 10 weeks of rowing. December 18th will be an option to join in the Sarasota Crew Instrasquad race for a small additional fee.
  • Spring Season: January 17 - April 2 for the main season. 
  • Spring Add-On: TBA but will likely run a few days a week from week of April 11-May 14/15 weekend
  • Spring Races: January 15 Tampa Sprints race (must have rowed in the fall to sign up for this).
    February 19-20 - American Youth Cup 1 in Sarasota at Nathan Benderson. No practice February 19
    April 2 - Florida Scholastic Rowing Association West District Championships, Tampa. No practice on April 2 because of this end of the session race option
    May 14-15 - SE Regional Championships in Sarasota at Nathan Benderson. this will be part of the spring add-on program.
  •  Program Fee: $550 for 2 days a week/season. Saturday for everyone plus you choose a weekday.
  • Additional Days: Add an additional day for the season for $250 per additional day (we will add this option closer to the season once we see what days are available).

Extend your Spring season 

  • April 12 - May 15
  • Practices run Tuesday & Thursdays 4:30-6:45
  • 1x and 8+'s.
  • Compete at USRowing Southeast Regional Championships!
    • 2 Day Race May 14 & 15 at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, FL
    • Race fees included in the cost of the program!
Price: $375.00