Masters Annual 2019


Being an annual member with Sarasota Crew means you are able to receive coaching multiple days per week during scheduled practice sessions from a committed Masters Coach, and having access to the best equipment in excellent condition. You also receive a weekly training program and each member is encouraged to set up progress/goal setting meetings. Everyone has the option to compete at regattas, any level of experience encouraged, or simply enjoy the sport recreationally. If you are joining in any month other than January, the annual cost is prorated per month, plus a one-time $50 fee.  For example, becoming an annual member in March would by $1,050 instead of $1,000.

October to May Practice Schedule

  • Sunday 7-10am
  • Monday 6-8am & 8:15-9:45am
  • Tuesday 6-8am & 8:15-9:45am
  • Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm
  • Thursday 6-8am & 8:15-9:45am

June to August Practice Schedule

  • Sunday 7-10am
  • Monday 6-8am
  • Tuesday 6-8am
  • Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm
  • Thursday 6-8am

Annual Masters Calendar

  • Season Start is Last Sunday of September
  • Season End is Last Sunday of August
  • No Coached Rows:
    • 3 days before/after Thanksgivinug
    • December 16 - January 6
    • 2 days before/after Easter
    • Memorial Weekend
    • 4th of July Weekend

*Time off to eliminate effect of burnout, cross train & enjoy life

*Minimum 4 members in attendance to run practice session

Price: $1,200.00