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Columbia University

Most Memorable: Making up 7 seconds and winning Regionals in 2015 to earn a spot at Nationals. We got some sweet pics at the finish line (thanks, row2k) and our V8 shirts were bomb

Most Embarrassing: The first time I flipped in my single I had no idea how to get back in so some kayakers had to help me. After 20 minutes of me (unsuccessfully) trying to get back into the boat, they tried to convince me to switch to kayaking instead of rowing.

Favorite Regatta: Nationals 2014 in California was my favorite regatta because my boat stayed in the hotel room all day eating rice cakes and playing Mario kart. And racing 15 times in one weekend at Club Nats.

Miss the most: Traveling to regattas and putting it all out on the race course with my best - friends. I'm going to miss seeing my teammates every day and all of the fun memories we made together.