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Duke University

Most Memorable: At SE Regionals in 2015, we raced heats in the Varsity 8 and after looking at times, we saw we needed to close a 7-second gap to win finals the next day. We knew it was a large margin to make up.  We ended up winning the race the next day, pulling a time was a PR for the whole year.  It was the first race I won in the Varsity 8 and that the boat placed first in the whole year.  We were ecstatic knowing that we not only qualified for Nationals but proved to everyone who beat us all year that we were the fastest Women's V8 in the southest.

Most Embarrassing: At AYC III, I was rowing up to the start line in a single when my oar disconnected from the oarlock and I was propelled out of the boat.  My glasses floated to the bottom of Benderson so I was clinging onto the boat blind, exhausted, calling for help. Several different boats tried to help me, including a Novice 8, a double, and other singles, to no avail.  I decided to swim over to the wave attenuator (suddenly realizing there were alligators in the water) and clung on until Mason came to rescue me. The whole process took about 45 minutes and I ended up missing the race.  I was told to make-up the 2K I missed at home, but considering I was blind and traumatized, I didn't.

Favorite Regatta: Head of the Charles, 2014.

Miss the most: Casey's kind words, sensitivity, and open-faced compliment sandwiches