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Most Memorable: When Katie DiVencenzo caught a bee in her mouth in the middle of our row... and Cami insisted that she keep rowing.

Most Embarrassing: The day that Tara and I were in a pair together doing drills and I just decided I didn't want to hold my oar anymore...and we almost flipped a pair.

Favorite Regatta: The Stetson Regatta is my favorite because we beat the men's V8 during the 17K... I guess Benson just isn't that great of a coxswain. It was also the most intriguing courses I have ever been on...if it counts as a course.

Miss the most: I will miss indulging on Moe's every Monday and creating friendships and bonds with people I never would have expected. I also will miss Barb Bornstein and the Bandits more than words can describe.

What did Crew do the most for you: Crew has created an opportunity for me that I never would have thought possible, created friendships I hope to maintain for life, and instilled values like hard work and determination that I will take with me for the rest of my life.