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Jacksonville University


Most Memorable: My most memorable Crew experience was Florida Sweep States Championships of 2012 my boat (the 3V-A) received the 1st place Gold I’ll always remember with medals around our necks, Alex Tate and I raising the trophy high above our heads.

Most Embarrassing:  When I accidentally made contact with a marker in the channel with my rigger…only "slightly dismembering beyond repair".

In the future, I plan to be: A physical therapist/athletic trainer working with a professional sports team.

Declared Major: Human Performance Exercise Science & Kinesiology

Favorite Regatta:  Florida Sweep State Championships 2012

Miss the most: That feeling that one gets when he or she gets locked in, blade buried…everyone in that boat has your back as you do for him or her. Through thick or thin, till the brink of death…till you all cross the line as a team. That is what I’ll miss the most.

Tips for upcoming Varsity: Something that Lauren Terris said to my freshman class as she gave her graduation speech. "Guys…girls, everyday, you need to give 110% of yourself to what you love. There needs to come a point where you cross the line of "having to want to come to practice" to "wanting to have to come to practice". These words made a tremendous impact on myself, and I promise that they will for you

What did Crew do the most for you: There is so much that crew did for me since my parents received a letter in the mail eight years ago. I’ve learned about the very essence of teamwork, cooperation, diligence, and perseverance through any and all obstacles.