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Princeton University


Most Memorable: A good experience would probably be winning regionals in 2013 by 15 seconds or tum-Bling down the halls of the hotel with Shawna, Kate, and Devin (don’t tell Kirby), but most memorable would be the tragedy that was Head of the Charles 2012…

Most Embarrassing: Most embarrassing crew experience: When I flipped my single my junior year after my third or fourth time rowing it while I was docking and tried to get back in and flipped again...then Kirby videoed it and showed everyone.

In the future, I plan to be: Either a sports broadcaster or some type of lawyer... I haven’t decided yet.

Declared Major: undecided

Favorite Regatta: Head of the Charles

Miss the most: Definitely my coaches and teammates. The girls that became my sisters and best friends and the experiences shared with them.

Tips for upcoming Varsity: Pain is temporary, pride is forever. Work your hardest every day (even though some of the things we do seem insane) because hard work really does pay off

What did Crew do the most for you: Crew changed my life for the better. It allowed me to go to the school of my dreams and make friends that I will keep forever