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University of Central Florida

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Most Memorable: Placing in the State Championships and building relationships with my friends and family that will last forever. And of course winning States

Most Embarrassing: The episode in the parking garage in Cincinnati in 2010.

In the future, I plan to be: Happy. I don’t know doing what yet, but I know I’ll be happy.

Declared major in college: Foreign affairs/political science

Favorite Regatta: Miami International

Miss the most: The love and support of the coaches and my teammates.

Tips for upcoming Varsity: Don’t suck up to the coaches, and just try your hardest every second of every practice and every race and you will be victorious.

What did Crew do most for you: 

I can’t just simply write the things that crew has done for me, the list would literally be endless. However, crew has made me the person I am today and I know I would not be in the place I am today with the positive support of this community