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Stanford University

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Most Memorable: Finding out we won the Head of the Hooch 2011, in the W8+ or winning the 4x at States 2012 against Miami Beach after winning Sprint Leagues against Winter Park the day before.

Most Embarrassing: Matt Sobatka constantly yelling to my brother, "Alex your sister is flirting with me!" whenever I tried to talk to him.

In the future, I plan to be: Still best friends with the girls on this team.

Declared major in college: Communications with a minor in political science

Favorite Regatta: Head of the Charles 2011

Miss the most: All of my teammates and the time we spend together during and outside of Crew.

Tips for upcoming Varsity: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, and value your friendships with your teammates because they are your family.

What did Crew do most for you: Crew has made me more of a team player, more responsible, more understanding, and taught me I am a lot stronger than I thought!.