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Purdue University


Most memorable crew experience?
My most memorable Crew moment would be coaching an incredible group of guys over a course of a week for an event called “captains week.” I picked a team that worked hard and responded well with everything I said. Although we fell short of 1st by less than half a second EVIL Rowing Corporation will forever be in my heart.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
My most embarrassing Crew moment would have to be at my second year at Head of the Charles. The day before our mens 8+ race we were having a team meeting. Before things got serious we were making jokes about the course pointing at the course map that Caitlynn had. After a few minutes Caitlynn told us to be serious and focus as we went over the race plan.After a good two minutes into the serious portion of the meeting I did something I really regret. I grabbed the map away from Caitlynn and made a joke that was already said about 10 Times. As soon as I did it everyone yelled “TRAVIS” and I realized what I did was really bad and not funny. I was so embarrassed for the rest of the meeting and still feel it whenever it’s brought up.

Favorite regatta?
My favorite regatta was nationals 2017. What I like most about it is the fact that we didn’t think we were going to do well but ended up getting third. This regatta also sticks with me because in between races we all went to the mall in our unis some of us with no shoes and all sweaty probably smelling really bad. We pulled tables together in the center of the mall and shared a big pan of pasta and chicken. After we ate we all laid down on the couches with our feet up and played games on our phone.

What will you miss the most?
The thing I will miss most about Crew is spending time and having fun with my some of my best friends every day.

What Crew taught you?
Throughout my years at Crew the one thing that I really learned was that Hard work really does pay off and that you can always be better at anything you do.